The people of West Texas are my people. I want to care for them and help them be well. My driving force is to give the best medical care I can give, hands down. My goal is not to just be the best gastroenterologist I can be, but the best physician.

– Dr. Sameer Islam

Cutting Edge

It is important to always be growing and learning new things. That is true in life, but is especially true in medicine. There are always new studies coming out, new procedures being pioneered, and new treatments changing the lives of patients across the country. 

We are proud to offer cutting edge procedures that are unique and found in large city teaching hospitals, all right here in West Texas. It's about being ahead of the curve. Recently, report after report has been issued warning of the dangers of chronic use of PPIs, the medicines used to treat chronic heartburn. Suffering through it is not an option either. So what can you do if you decide to avoid medications?  Untreated heartburn can lead to permanent scarring in the esophagus and even cancer. There is an incisionless solution (TIF) to ending chronic heartburn and you don't have to travel to have it done. 

Always learning, always advancing.

Patient Reviews

"I would definitely highly recommend Dr. Islam to anyone considering hemorrhoid banding. Dr. Islam took time to explain the procedure and the time to answer my questions and my concerns. He also stayed in contact..."  July, 2016  Read the entire review on Vitals

"Dr. Islam and his office staff are very intelligent, professional and respectful..."  June, 2016 Read the entire review on Rate MDs

"I would recommend Dr. Islam to anyone. He is very professional but also friendly and caring. He made sure I understood what I was having done. My follow up was..."  September, 2016 Read the entire review on HealthGrades

"Dr. Islam is an extremely knowledgable, most courteous and friendly provider who is seemingly very concerned for his patients. He provided..."  August 2016  Read the entire review on UCompare HealthCare

"Dr. Islam is amazing. He exemplifies professionalism and truly cares about his patients..." February 2016  Read the entire review on Yelp  

"I contacted Dr. Islam's office and they scheduled me a prompt appointment. He took the time to answer all of my questions about my symptoms and my endoscopy procedure. The thing that truly stood out to me was the day after my procedure he called me personally..."  May 2016  Read the entire review on Facebook 

My experience at Dr. Islam's office is what I envision all doctor's offices should be like. The office reception was wonderful. They have very nice, helpful and informative receptionist. The nurses make you feel like you've been a patient of theirs for years! Dr. Islam, well I can't say enough about him. He is very kind, patient and attentive. He actually listened to me. He knew all about my medical history before my first appointment. He actually read my medical history!!! I came out of my appointment feeling..."  March, 2016  Read entire review on Vitals