Learning how to navigate and properly manage your health and medical conditions can be difficult even with proper care and the right doctors. The vast amount of information online, on TV and in the news can be a help on one hand, but unfortunately, causes a hindrance on the other hand. With all the resources out there to aid in understanding your health, there is also a lot of misinformation mixed in that can sometimes be difficult to weed out. 

Why Is This Misinformation So Harmful?

Doctors have a big job trying to diagnose, treat and help patients manage medical conditions and aid in healthier lifestyles. If patients come to the doctor’s office with incorrect medical information they have attained elsewhere, this makes the doctor’s job twice as hard, since they then have to spend valuable time explaining a true diagnosis. Furthermore, if a patient were to stop taking medications or become dependent on alternative home remedies, they could actually be doing more harm than good. The widespread use of social media makes it possible for anyone to become an “expert” in every condition out there and disseminate information at a rapid rate. And unfortunately, after the information is out there, it becomes almost impossible to retract. Take for instance the case of vaccines causing autism. The study that brought out this claim has been proven false, yet people are still citing it as a reason to not vaccinate their children, which has caused a resurgence in diseases that were eradicated years ago.

What Can I Do To Help Stop The Spread Of Misinformation?

The first step is to rely on your doctor for a proper diagnosis and course of treatment. Make sure you choose your doctor wisely and visit someone who values education, training and patient relationships, like Dr. Sameer Islam. Bring a list of questions to any appointments to make sure all of your concerns are addressed, and if you see some sort of alternative treatment out there, make sure to discuss it with your doctor before assuming it will work for you. Dr. Islam is an expert in GI health, making him the ideal option to diagnose whatever is bringing you down. You can make an appointment today!

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