Dr. Sameer Islam 

At our practice we try to have fun, but we don't ever take your health lightly. When you come to our office, we understand you are concerned - maybe even worried - about your health. If we can help you relax and freely discuss your symptoms, then we can get a diagnosis and start you on the way to feeling better faster.

Why Choose Dr. Sameer Islam?


We may be a single doctor practice, but our network ranges across the country to some of the most prestigious hospitals in the US. Dr. Islam trained at the Mayo Clinic and has maintained a network of physicians, both across Texas and at the Mayo Clinic, who are available to consult on difficult cases.


During a colonoscopy, doctors are looking for polyps. These polyps, if left alone, can become cancerous. Removing the polyps prevents the development of colon cancer. Recommendations are to find a physician with a 15% detection rate in women and a 25% detection rate in men. Dr. Islam's detection rate is 45%. That means you are more likely to have small polyps discovered and removed! And after all, that is the point of a screening colonoscopy.


Why is it important to have a friendly gastroenterologist? It's simple. It is human nature to feel uncomfortable talking to a stranger about very personal topics. The topics we handle are even more uncomfortable and somewhat taboo; you've probably been told your whole life not to talk about poop! Well, we encourage that conversation and it is more easily approached when you feel relaxed and at ease.

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