Do Energy Drinks Really Give You Wings?

This video provides essential advice for the best possible experience when trying to have a bowel movement. It outlines the benefits of keeping the knees higher than the hips, leaning forward, putting elbows on knees, bulging out the abdomen and straightening the spine, not rushing and resisting the urge to go. Additionally, it outlines preventative measures for avoiding constipation, such consuming fiber, exercising and staying hydrated. If constipation persists, it suggests taking immediate action.


  • Red Bull and other energy drinks are popular among teens, but may be more dangerous than beneficial.
  • Energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine as well as guana, sugars, taurine, jining-be vitamins yohimbe carnitine and bitter orange.
  • Caffeine in these beverages can cause GI issues such bloating pain diarrhea reflux etc., dehydration increased anxiety/jitteriness lack of sleep due to impaired sleep patterns empty calories leading to weight gain diabetes heart disease strokes gastritis irritation ulcers nausea & pain.
  • Alternatives include black coffee or tea for a natural energy boost; getting better quality sleep; exercising regularly; using the drink in moderation if necessary


You guys have seen the commercial and Red Bull, it gives you wings. And who doesn’t want wings? More energy, more focus. If we can package all the energy in a can, who cares about sleep, we can do whatever we want. So you might be thinking, Hey doc, I’ll go from hard to hard. I ain’t got time for a nap.

What’s the big deal about me getting more energy from a can? Maybe it’s nothing. Or actually maybe it actually is something. Do energy drinks actually give you wings or is there a crash at the end of that drink that’s gonna make it more terrible for both your gut and your health? In today’s video, we’re going to discuss energy drinks and your gut.

So in today’s video we’ll discuss what exactly are energy drinks, what are in energy drinks, what is the effect of energy drinks on your gut. And at the very end of video, I’m gonna give you my tips on what I recommend to take instead to improve your energy, your mood, and your focus instead of having these energy drinks. Guys, let’s talk about you.

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So several years ago there was a 26 year old man who unfortunately died from drinking way too many energy drinks. Reportedly he was consuming up to eight to 10 cans per day of energy drinks, linked to heart issues, blood clots, and eventually passing away from this. This unfortunate incident has raised a question about how dangerous energy drinks actually may be for your overall health.

Now, you may be thinking, oh, come on man, eight to 10 drinks per day. Of course you’re gonna have gut issues and health issues if you drink that much, but even drinking a little bit of these energy drinks actually may cause more harm than benefit for you. What exactly do they specifically do to your health? So energy drinks are touted as drinks to enhance your focus,

your energy, your mental clarity to give you that boost. Whenever you’re feeling down, energy drinks are the most popular supplement out there after taking a multivitamin and you see them everywhere. Young people just chugging these drinks to try and get through an all-nighter to study to get more energy throughout the day. And almost one-third of teens between the age of 12 and 17 drink these on a regular basis.

There are two main types of energy drinks. One is basically the 60 ounce can in which you drink those energy drinks, the actual drink itself. And the other one is a small little shot you may see on the aisle as you’re checking out. Now, both these, these two types of energy drinks have a significant amount of concentrated caffeine in them to give you that boost,

that energy that you’re looking for whenever you’re trying to get more energy. And there is a significant amount of caffeine in these types of energy drinks, ranging from as low as a hundred to as high highs, almost 300 milligrams of caffeine. To give you a range, one 12 ounce. Coca-Cola has about 35 milligrams of caffeine, and one eight ounce coffee has about a hundred milligrams of caffeine in it.

So basically you are doubling or tripling the amount of caffeine by having these types of energy drinks. Now, energy drinks have a lot of other ingredients in them. These include things like guana, which once again is another source of caffeine from Brazilian nuts, sugars, trine, jining, be vitamins, yohimbe carnitine and bitter orange. So it’s easy to see where people get that buzz whenever they’re wanting to get that energy boost.

There’s tons of caffeine, these tons of sugars and other ingredients. The other secondary sources of caffeine will just jack everything up. It’ll make you all crazy and it’ll also jack up what’s going on inside your GI tract. So what is the response of your gut when it comes to these gut issues? Number one, that caffeine will jack up and simulate your GI tract.

Caffeine obviously is a stimulant for your body, your mind, but also your gut. It gets things going, it gets things revving and it gets things moving. And for a lot of my patients who have gut issues, this will make it totally terrible. Yes, I don’t even know if that’s a real word, but yes, totally terrible guys. It’ll make things a lot more fast and think things move a lot more quicker and to cause a lot of gut issues including bloating,

pain, diarrhea and reflux issues. Your GI charts all jacked up on that caffeine and sugar. It’s gonna move things around and rumble and grumble more. Hannah, thank you for watching. If you have it already, don’t forget to smash that like button. Comment down below. Number two, you’re gonna pee more. Caffeine acts as a mild diuretic, meaning the more you drink these caffeine drinks with caffeine in them,

the more you’re gonna pee, the more likely you’re gonna be dehydrated. Number three, obviously because of the caffeine and the sugar, you are gonna get more jittery, more anxious, more off, and that also that emotional state will make gut issues worse, it’ll certainly make worse. AOB Bowel syndrome ibs. It’ll impair your sleep, which in turn can affect other gut issues including heartburn,

reflux, Crohn’s and colitis and lack of sleep. It’s not good for your health in general. It’s gonna jack up your sleep, mess up your period whenever you’re trying to relax and rest for your body and to make your sympathetic nervous system in overdrive where it gets to a point where you’re just exhausted all the time. In addition, those high sugar calorie levels in these energy drinks will give you empty calories.

So it’s gonna give you calories, which is gonna go into fat, which in turn can lead to other problems, including not only gaining weight, but issues like diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and other conditions leading to long-term clinical problems. Now, yes, yes, yes, I know there are energy drinks out there that are zero calories, but guess what?

Those calories or that sweetness comes from? It comes from asperine. And guess what Astine does is for your gut. It causes an explosion to occur inside your GI trod. So many of us cannot digest and absorb Asim. And so because of that we’ll get bloating, gas, and diarrhea. And you add on there the caffeine. It’s like a triple,

quadruple quintuple whammy going on inside your gut. And then lastly, the caffeine in these rings will lead to serious gastritis or inflammation of your stomach leading to irritation, ulcers, nausea and pain. So is there an actual energy boost that’s good for you? So here are my recommendations and what I recommend instead to help out to give you that boost instead of having these energy drinks.

Number one, go for the tried and true black coffee or tea. Now, there’s excellent evidence that black coffee can help out with a lot of GI issues, whether it’s fatty liver disease, whether it’s Crohn’s disease colitis, or even gut issues like constipation. And even black people do this as well. Go for that. It’s old fashioned. I know it’s been around for ages,

but it works. It gives you adequate caffeine. It also has the added benefit of decreasing inflammation inside your GI truck. Number two, this may sound kind of obvious, but get better sleep. So the reason you’re so tired during the day is that I am positive your sleep is jacked up. You need to improve your sleep, you need to establish a sleep pattern.

You need to go to bed at the same time. Wake up at the same time, minimize caffeine in the afternoon. Have a sleeping cycle, have a bedtime ritual. These things are boring, but they work and this will give you the energy that you need to do what you can do throughout the day. Number three, exercise. Guys. Get sw.

I am telling you, this will give you so much energy, alright? You don’t have to get swol, but at least get some exercise. That exercise over time, we’ll actually give you natural endorphins and natural energy to help out with your mood, your focus, and to make you feel a lot better. It is safe and it is natural. It is a more effective way to get you the energy that you need.

And then lastly, if you can’t get away from these energy drinks, use them in moderation. Use them in the morning. Use a small amount, don’t overdo it, don’t have it in the afternoon and certainly don’t do it at night. Do in moderation until eventually you can get yourself off of these energy drinks. Here’s what I want you to do today.

If you are one of those people who are addicted to these energy drinks and it actually can be a real addiction, find out what you can do to start breaking away from that. Minimize its use, improve your sleep. Add in other means to give you the energy. Take slow steps to improve your health. Cause I will tell you, these energy drinks,

especially if you take too much of them, it’s going to make your life miserable. Your gut’s going to hate you and your body’s not going to be happy. My question today for you, have you had bad problems with taking too much energy drinks? Have you tried to quit? What has worked? What hasn’t worked? Calm it down below. I will love to hear which you guys have to say guys,

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