Mom Said “Eat Your Veggies!” Do You Know Why?

This video describes Vitamin B, an essential nutrient needed for overall health and functioning. It explains that Vitamin B deficiencies can cause fatigue, anemia, and digestive issues, and outlines food sources of Vitamin B as well as foods which can help to counter deficiency. Such foods include dark green vegetables, seafood, dairy, and red meat.


  • Vitamin B is an often neglected vitamin, but it plays a vital role in the body from skin health to energy levels and digestion.
  • There are three main types of Vitamin B: thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2) and niacin (B3).
  • Sources of Vitamin B include lentils, red meats, sunflower seeds, nuts, dairy products and fish.
  • Without enough vitamin B we may feel run down or sluggish; problems with gut health can also occur if there is deficiency in this nutrient.
  • Thiamine helps regulate appetite while Niacin aids fat metabolism as well as protein breakdown; other forms of Vitmain help break down cholesterol or regulate folic acid levels.


If someone said that vitamins had a popularity contest, vitamin B would not even make the cut. There are so many sexier vitamins out there like vitamin C and vitamin D. These are the ones that we hear about all the time. But without vitamin B, we will be in a world of hurt, our hair will be falling off, our skin will be brittle.

We would not have as much energy and our GI tract would be out of whack. In today’s video we’re gonna discuss that often neglected vitamin vitamin B, we’ll discuss exactly what does vitamin B do. We’ll discuss what are the different vitamin Bs, did you know there’s multiple different ones? We’ll then discuss how do we get vitamin B? And at the very end of the video I’ll discuss how vitamin B levels can impact your gut health and how it might be the secret ingredient you are missing.

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So what exactly does vitamin B do? Vitamin B impacts your whole entire body from your skin to your eyes and hair and also your GI tract. But because vitamin B is in the background, you don’t hear a lot about this. It’s not the sexy vitamin that’s out there. This is me doing my sexy dance in the GI tract. Vitamin B is used to help digest and metabolize the food that you’re eating to get your best nutrients in your body.

It also helps out to produce energy by burning fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Now taking center stage in this process, there are three main types of vitamin B, vitamin B one, which is th vitamin b2, which is riboflavin and vitamin b3, which is niacin. Diamond is found in everything from lentils, red meats and sunflower seeds. We get rival flavin from nuts, dairy, meats, and plants. And niacin is found in beans, nuts, and fish. And without these we will feel run down, sluggish, tired, have no energy, and our gut would be totally out of whack. In fact, if you’re having gut issues or even energy issues, this may be the reason why you’re having these problems and they’re very critical in terms of your GI tract.

Vitamin B one or thymine helps to enhance and regulate your appetite. Vitamin, B3 or niacin helps to regulate fats and sugars to make sure they’re metabolized correctly and you digest those properly. So where exactly do you get vitamin B? We can get them in a lot of healthy foods that are out there, whether it’s dark greeny vegetables, seafood, dairy, and some meats.

Now it’s important to note that vitamin B is water soluble, and what that means is that it doesn’t store those vitamins in your fats like in your belly here. And this is why you need a constant supply of vitamin B to make sure you can make up the deficiencies you may have, but not having it stored in your body. So specifically to your gut health, how does vitamin B affect your GI tract? So vitamin B one, like we talked about before, th helps to metabolize and breakdown carbohydrates to give you the energy that you need to do these videos like I am or maybe hang out or do the things you normally want to do. Vitamin B, b3 also called niacin. It’s very important in the gi, tried to help digest other things including proteins, but also fat and carbohydrates. And if you’re deficient in this particular vitamin, it can lead to a condition called pellagra and this can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. Vitamin B6 is also known as perine. And once again, this helps out your digestive tract to break down the proteins that it may be eating. Biotin is another vitamin B, this helps to break down cholesterol. It also helps to metabolize other ingredients including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. So vitamin B12, also known as cabal, is also a very calmly known Vitamin B. You may have heard about, it’s in the component of vitamin B12 shots. Now vitamin B12 plays a role in your nervous system to metabolize certain proteins to help metabolize carbohydrates and to regulate folic acid.

And in fact, if you are a vitamin B12 deficient, you actually may become anemic or your blood cell counts become lower and that can lead you to be tired, fatigued, and just not feeling very good. So here’s my call to action to you. Look at your plates and your meals this week and see are you getting enough vitamin B or what you can do to add more vitamin B to your diet?

Add more nuts, add more seafood, add those green leafy vegetables. What can you do today to improve your vitamin D levels? Make sure they’re optimized for your skin, for your hair, and for your gut. So my question today for you guys, what questions do you have about vitamin B? Comment down below of the loved to hear what you guys have to say.

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