4 Ways You Can Help Get Rid of Bloating

This video provides advice on how to combat and relieve bloating by eliminating dairy and artificial sweeteners from one’s diet and taking gas-busting medications. It also suggests changing one’s eating habits and drinking herbal teas such as chamomile, peppermint, and ginger to help fight bloat. The content offers key takeaways to help readers minimize their bloating and improve their digestion. Finally, viewers are encouraged to like, share, and subscribe for even more tips and tricks.


  • Bloating is a common complaint and can be caused by how we eat, what we eat, or medical conditions.
  • Eating quickly, using straws and chewing gum are some of the ways that air can get into our stomachs to cause bloating.
  • Foods like beans and FODMAPS (such as broccoli, apples etc.) may also contribute to bloating.
  • Conditions such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or constipation may also lead to bloating.
  • Dr Islam recommends eliminating dairy/artificial sweeteners; taking gas busting medication such as Bino; eating more slowly without straws/chewing gum; avoiding carbonated drinks & drinking herbs like chamomile tea & ginger for relief from bloat symptoms


Do you suffer from bloating? If you’re like me, it sucks. Ah, I hate this. Well, in this video today, we’re going to discuss why exactly people get bloating. We’ll review some of the causes of bloating, we’ll review some of the medical conditions that can lead to bloating. And at the very end of the video, I’ll give you my tips,

four ways you can beat bloat today. Guys, let’s kick bloating in the butt and let’s talk about poop. How do y’all, Dr. Islam here, aka a your poop guru, trying to give you the best tips and trigs so you can live your best life from the top all the way down to the bond you have it already. Already read to smash that like button live.

Sharon subscribes to more videos like you’re watching in today’s video. Bloating is literally the most common complaint I get in my GI practice, and so many people suffer from bloating. It sucks that feeling you’re belly getting big descended, just feeling ugh all the time. It is not a pleasant feeling, and I know when I have bloating, I hate it. So when it comes to bloating,

it can be so confusing for us, even as doctors, to really understand why people have bloating. Here’s the way I like to think about it. There are three main categories when it comes to bloating. One is evolving how we eat. The next one is evolving what we eat. And the next one, it involves what happens after we eat. Let’s discuss these in more detail how we eat.

So how you eat actually affects what is going on when it comes to air going into your GI tract, this is actually called aerophagia or swallowing air is a very common scientific term, and you actually may not realize you’re swallowing a lot more air than what you realize. So have you been told you eat very quickly? Are you a sloppy eater? Or you just,

ah, bring down that food and eat as quickly as you can? You actually may be swallowing more air than what you realize, or you could be, for example, chewing gum. The act of chewing gum can actually affect how much air you get into your stomach to cause bloating to occur. Same thing with using straws as well. Using straws, once again cause you to suck in air.

They actually have more air in your stomach and cause bloating to occur. So how we eat can affect what’s going on inside our gut. What we eat can also be another reason why you’re having bloating. We know there are certain foods that typically cause bloating, beans. I mean, come on, we know this. If you’re a bean eater and you’re complaining of bloating,

come on, you know that beans cause bloating. But other foods that you may not realize that could be healthy for you could be a reason why you’re having bloating. Whether it’s broccoli, apples, pears, pineapples. These are foods called FOD maps. These are foods that have a lot of fermentation in them that produce a lot of gas, a lot of dissension.

But these are not only foods that can eat that. Other foods you actually may be allergic to or have an intolerance to can cause bloating as well, whether it’s dairy, cheese, ice cream, maybe gluten or even other foods that may be causing issues in your gut. And lastly, the third category can be what happens after you eat the food. So there are other conditions going on beyond the stomach to cause bloating,

whether it’s a condition called small intestinal bacterial loci in which you have an over imbalance or a change in a gut marker biome. I’ll put a video up here to explain that. Or maybe it’s a problem with constipation where you’re not moving things out that can cause it more likely for you to be bloated as well. Maybe you suffer from IBS or any number of conditions that go beyond the stomach.

That could be a reason why you’re having the bloating. So now that we know the reasons why you’re having the bloat, what can you do today to eliminate that? My recommendation as your GI doctor, your poop guru, to give you the best tips to help out with bloating. Number one. First thing I tell all my patients, eliminate dairy and artificial sweeteners.

By far, these are the most common reasons to have bloating. If you’re having dairy and you’re having bloating, cut it out. You don’t need this. Or if you may be having artificial sweeteners in your drinks or maybe you’re adding it yourself, get rid of. This is a very common cause for bloating and in fact, artificial sweeteners is a very common ingredient in a lot of the foods that we eat that unfortunately causes bloating.

We can’t digest those sweeteners. It can be like a bong going off inside your stomach, causing the gas and bloating to occur. This is the first thing I tell all my patients to stop and eliminate. Number two, consider adding a gas busting medication than what I recommend. It’s called bino. This is a more potent gas bubbler that really destroys the gas inside your gut.

It works. It’s effective, it helps out. It really helps to destroy that gas and get that taken care of and eliminated from your body. Number three, think about the way you’re eating. Are you eating too fast? Are you using a straw? Are you sucking in air for some reason? Are you chewing gum? Try to do these lifestyle changes to prevent you from swallowing so much air so you don’t have so much gas in your belly.

And if you’re having carbonated drinks, I mean, come on, you are literally drinking an air that has a lot of gas in that. So if you’re doing that, you need to remove that from your diet. Then lastly, try some of these herbs that I recommend, whether it’s chamomile or peppermint tea and ginger, these are very effective natural ways to calm down your stomach,

to help beat the bloat, get you feeling better, and to eliminate that gas. So here’s my call to action to you today. I want you to go through this list, find out what you can change, find out what you can add, and see what you can do to help out with the bloating. Bloating is such a pain in the bottom,

actually in the top. It sucks. It’s terrible. But try to do these simple things to eliminate the bloating, gets you feeling better, and hopefully pop that bubble in your stomach. My question today for you, what tips would you add to this? What would you change? Have you helped to eliminate bloating? Comment down below. I would love to hear what you guys have to say,

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