Does CBD Oil Really Have An “Entourage Effect”?

This video provides information on the potential benefits of using CBD oil to support gut health, with conditions such as IBS, inflammation, abdominal pain, Crohn’s or Colitis, and appetite regulation. It also outlines the importance of getting a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third party vendor when purchasing CBD oil, and making sure that the product labeled as containing zero levels of THC. It emphasizes the importance of shopping smartly and looking for a reputable company for the most effective results.


  • Cannabis has been around for 12,000 years and is now a popular product with many purported benefits.
  • CBD oil is one component of marijuana or hemp that does not have mind-altering effects but may provide therapeutic benefits.
  • It can help reduce inflammation in the GI tract, suppress cortisol levels and regulate appetite.
  • The entourage effect suggests that taking CBD oil for one condition could benefit multiple other conditions as well.
  • When looking to buy quality CBD oils, it’s important to look out for a certificate of authenticity from a third party vendor; potency; zero THC levels; reputable shops; and be willing to pay more for better quality products


Never heard of the phrase what is old is new again. Well, that’s pertinent for today’s topic. Cannabis is a product that’s been shown to be around for 12,000 years. Yet today it is the hot product that’s out there that can apparently cure everything. So what does CBD oil actually help with digestion? Well, I’m glad you asked because in this video we’ll discuss exactly what is CBD oil,

how it’s different from T HC or marijuana. We’ll also discuss how CBD oil can actually affect the GI Tracted. And at the very end of the video, I’m gonna give you five things I recommend as a GI doctor should look for when you’re looking for high quality CBD oils. Guys, I know you want this video. I’ve seen your comments. Let’s talk about poop.

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So what exactly is cbd? C is one of the many components inside marijuana or hemp, and I know you know what that is. So two of the compounds that we hear about in marijuana is T, HC and C, and they have very different effects. Until recently, THC was the component well-known in marijuana is the part of marijuana that makes you high as a kit.

Chill, relaxing, getting those bun cheese. And it’s also part of the ingredient whenever you have those yummy marijuana brownies. Okay, I don’t know what those are like I’d never had that, but I’ve been told that they’re yummy and you get the munchies from my friends. Trust me. The reason it does this is that as is being cooked or smoked,

it breaks down the t c into easier components for you to digest and absorbed inside your body. Now the other component is C B D, which is not known to have the mind altering effects, but has its own benefits as well. Now CBD comes from the marijuana plant. Now remember how we mentioned how cannabis can be either hemp or marijuana or really depends on the amount of THC and CBD in it.

Now the FDA has determined that hemp plants are legal if they contain less than 0.3% amount of THC in them. So what exactly does CBD oil help out with the GI tract? Now believe it or not, almost 40% of individuals out there complain of some sort of gut issues, whether it is pain floating nausea, poor appetite and constipation. Now for most people,

relatively minor, not a big deal. Maybe take some over the can or treatment change or diet and may feel better. But there is a significant part of the population in which they tried the more conservative options and it doesn’t help out and they don’t want to necessarily go to medical therapy. These include conditions like IBS or ertle bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s or colitis and even things like gut pain or abdominal pain as well.

Now for sure there are conventional treatments that help out with these conditions. I am a big proponent of combining both natural options and traditional western therapy and we have fantastic natural options and western therapy to help out with gut conditions. But unfortunately a lot of the medical options have their own side effects as well. So since I’m also a natural functional doctor, this begs the question,

are there more natural approaches to help out with your gut? And the answer is yes, there are. CBD oil is something to consider for those individuals who wanna try more natural approach and who want to maybe see if we can help out with some of your gut issues. And there’s more and more evidence that we are seeing of how CBD can actually affect the GI tract,

mainly because of the amount of receptors of that cannabinoid inside your gut. In fact, your gut has the highest amount of receptors anywhere else in your body. And so because of that, CBD has a direct role in helping out gut issues, decreasing inflammation, helping out with pain, and to provide a more natural therapy for individuals who are wanting to go down that route.

And keep in mind, inflammation is never our friend. We want to decrease inflammation as much as we can to get ourselves feeling better. Now we’re also seeing research that CBD can actually help it with cortisol. And cortisol over time can increase your heart rate cause you have rapid breathing get tensed up and really affect your GI tract. We’re seeing evidence that CBD can actually help suppress that cortisol suppress the inflammation and suppressing the amount of an inflammatory response that you may be having.

And we’re also seeing evidence that CBD can help out with appetite. Whether you’re eating too much or too little, we’re seeing that it can actually affect what is going on in that particular area. Now there’s a very interesting phenomenon going on when it comes to CBD oil. It’s called the entourage effect. Yes, just like the show entourage, CBD oil can actually have the same effect.

Now what this shows is that taking CBD oil for one condition because of the different components in that oil, can actually help out with multiple other conditions as well. An example might be you’re taking CBD oil for gut issues like ibs, but also notice that benefit with anxiety and depression as well. That is the entourage effect. So big question, if you’re looking to get CBD oil,

what you need to look for, here are five things I recommend as a GI doctor. Number one, make sure it has a C o a certificate of authenticity. This is a form of quality control that we have to make sure you are getting the right CBD oil. So many shops are out there always hawking and getting their products out. It is hard to know if you’re getting the right treatment or not.

It is very important that you get a C O A, especially from a third party vendor. You don’t want the company themselves to give their own authority that it’s working. You know there’s going to be a conflict of interest. So make sure you get that C O a, but also make sure it’s from a third party vendor saying this is a good CBD oil to get.

It should include how much CBD and THC is in that product. And it should also tell you if there’s other ingredients present. Hey, you guys wanna thank you for watching. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to smash that like button. Comment down below. Number two, potency. God, first and foremost, before you do anything, you need to make sure you speak to your healthcare provider about what you’re trying to do.

There are some people in which we do not want to recommend this treatment, and there’s some conditions in which we would highly not want you to try CBD oil for that condition. So make sure you always discuss with your healthcare provider while you’re trying and what you’re doing. Also, your doctor can maybe help you out with the type of dosages you should be on.

I typically recommend start off with the lowest dose and then titrate up as number three. You want zero levels of thc. THC is still illegal in many states, and in fact THC is the component that’s found whenever you do a drug test. So there are lots of people out there who are taking CBD oil, don’t realize the amount of THC they’re helping out with their gut issues.

They end up taking a drug test, failing it, and could be losing their job in the process. So make sure the ingredients have zero THC in them. What you wanna look for is the term called CBD isolate. It should be in there on the package, let you know that it is only CBD and not thc. Number four, be careful where you shop.

I alluded to this earlier. There’s so many of these shops that are out there is hard to know which are legitimate, which ones are fake, and which ones you should keep an eye out for. There are many companies that are out there. Do your homework. Find companies that have a stellar reputation that make an excellent product. And tip number five,

you are what you pay for. This is an area which I would not recommend for you to skimp out on. If you try to get low quality cbd, you may have our lauder problems and side effects from that. It is worth it to pay a little bit extra to get better quality and to get the effects that you want to get. So here’s my call to action to you.

If you’re curious about the CBD oil, call your doctor, contact them, find exactly if you may benefit from this new treatment that we’re offering for our patients, and ask them if this is a natural way to help out with your condition. So my question day for you guys, have you tried C B D? Has it helped? What has it helped out with in particular?

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