5 Things That Destroy Your Gut and How to Avoid Them

This video examines how physical activity, alcohol consumption, dietary choices and sleep habits each impact the gut microbiome, and how making positive lifestyle adjustments can promote better gut health. It explains that exercising regularly, moderating alcohol consumption, eating a wide variety of plants, and getting enough quality sleep are all important to maintain a healthy gut, and that further research should be done in order to explore prevention of colon cancer.


  • The gut microbiome is essential for good health; an imbalance of it can lead to chronic inflammatory diseases like GI issues, heart disease, neurological issues and skin problems.
  • Five ways you may be damaging your gut without knowing are: lack of physical activity, drinking alcohol (even a little), not eating the right foods (lack of variety in diet with predominance in meat), lack of prebiotics in diet (fiber) and not getting enough sleep.
  • To improve your gut microbiome diversity Dr. Islam recommends increasing plant variety/diversity within your diet as well as optimizing sleeping habits for better rhythm regulation


Did you know you actually may be destroying your gut right now and may not even realize it. On today’s video, I’m gonna give you five ways you are destroying annihilating, making your gut messed up. And at the very end of the video, I’m gonna give you my number one tip on what I recommend to get your gut microbiome back in shape. Guys,

let’s talk about poop. How do y’all, Dr. Islam here, a k a, your poop guru, trying to give you the best tips and tricks so you can live your best life from the top all the way down to the bottom. If you have it already, don’t forget to smash that light button, live shirt and subscribe. And if you haven’t already,

don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. We get great tips and tricks like you’re learning in today’s video. So your gut microbiome is the basis of all your health. When your gut microbiome is optimal, you feel great, you look swamped, you have great skin, you grow muscles. Okay, maybe not that, but you feel so much better. Your gut microbiome is a reflection of your overall health.

And if you don’t feel healthy, if you don’t feel good, you feel sluggish and tired, then maybe that your gut microbiome is actually out of whack. Yes, that’s an actual medical term that imbalance occurs if you insult your gut over and over it over again. And that is called dysbiosis. This is a reduction in the gut microbiome. You have proliferation of the bad guys.

You have less diversity, less good guys, nls, who significant health consequences and to chronic inflammatory diseases like GI issues, ibs, bloating, distension, consequate, diarrhea, heart disease, neurological issues, skin issues, hair problems, autoimmune diseases and list goes on and on and on. It is absolutely essential for you to get your gut micro volume optimized and diversified.

That’s what we want. But the reality is, even you take all the healthy potions, all the lotions and all the emotions or whatever, you can still be damaging your gut and you don’t even realize it. There are five things that destroy your gut. Number one, lack of physical activity. Your gut loves to exercise. It loves the move around.

It loves the get out. It likes that sweat just like your body and your heart does. Your gut loves the same thing as well. And we have seen studies and studies and studies showing that the more exercise you incorporate into your daily life, the more improvement and diversity you have in your gut microbiome. The healthy guys become bigger, better, and stronger and more diverse.

And that’s exactly what we want to improve our gut. Number two, drinking too much alcohol or even drinking any alcohol. I’m gonna tell you, alcohol is not good for you. It damages your liver, your gut, your esophagus, your colon. It increases your risk for cancer and it just destroys your gut microbiome, even a Little bit can cause long-term damage.

I’m of the opinion the more you can reduce your alcohol, the better it’s gonna be for you. And if you can completely eliminate it, your gut will. Thank you for that. Number three, not eating the right foods. The problem with our diet currently is that it’s full of crap. Literally you are eating crap. The ultra processed foods, the regular processed foods,

the takeout that we’re having, the predominance in meat, these are things that don’t provide a good nutrient balance for your gut microbiome. And because of that, we’re seeing a proliferation of so many diseases that we didn’t see before, whether it’s autoimmune diseases, gut diseases, or things outside the GI track. And it’s crazy. It’s been said that the sources of the western diet is basically 12 plants and five animals.

That’s it. That is, that astounds me. The lack of diversity they’re incorporating into our diet and our gut can reflect that as well. What you need to do is have a wide variety of plants. The most diverse plants you have, the better it’s gonna be for your gut microbiome. But don’t take my word. Take the biggest study out there when it comes to the health of our GI track.

This is called the American Gut Project. It, I love that title. But this literally is the gold standard. The Bible of what tells us what is going to be the best thing for our gut microbiome. And guess what it is? It’s not probiotics. It’s not taking a fancy pill. It is the diversity of plants predicts the diversity of a healthy gut microbiome.

That is what it is. No matter the individual, no matter where you’re at, those who have 30 or more different plants per week had a more diverse gut marker biome than those that had 10 or less species per week. So if you want to improve your health, try to increase the variety in your diet. Number four, lack of prebiotics in your diet.

This piggybacks off of number three. Prebiotics are the fertilizer for your gut marker biome. It gives them the energy to do their job. And in essence, prebiotics are fiber. They’re the foundation for your gut health. And that’s exactly why plants are so great for you. So fuzz that include prebiotics are lentils, chick peas, beans os, bananas, asparagus,

Jerusalem, artichokes, leaks, onions, nuts, and seeds. And number five, not Guinea enough sleep. Listen, I’m the first one I I, my sleep sucks, but I have done what I can to help optimize my sleep. And I know that when I have poor sleeping habits, I feel bad. I’m just not myself and my gut microbiome.

It’s not happy as well. It is not enough just to get sleep. You need to get enough sleep, whether it’s between six, eight hours per day, it needs to be a consistent amount of sleep every single night. And your body has that internal circadian where Than where it knows when it’s going to sleep, when it’s going to wake up. It helps to help regulate the sleep based on that.

Your gut has that exact same rhythm. It thrives on rhythm. It needs that rhythm to allow it to do its job the best that it can. If you throw that rhythm out of whack whenever it’s lack of sleep or whatever, that can make the suffering of your gut a lot more intense. Research has suggests that even two days of sleep deprivation can completely alter your gut back your mind for the worse.

So you may be doing everything right, eating right, exercising, not drinking alcohol. But if you’re not getting enough sleep, you may be doing all that for nothing. All right. Now that I talk to you about five ways of how your gut microbiome may be damaged by what you’re doing, what is the one tip I recommend? I think you know it.

You need to have a variety of plants in your diet. By far, far, far. This is the most important thing you can do today to make your gut microbiome happy, healthy, and in charge. Do it. You will feel so much better. So here’s my call to action to you. I want you to take a minute and think,

am I doing something harmful to my gut right now? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I drinking too much alcohol? Is my diet just really, really bad? Think back and see what you can do to make that change today, to improve your gut health, to make you feel better and to improve your overall quality of life. And if you like the content from this video,

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