Chris Hemsworth Fasted For Four Days! Should You Do It?

This video discusses the practice of fasting and its possible benefits to health and longevity. Different types of fasting such as intermittent fasting, eat-stop-eat fasting, and the 5:2 method are explored. Strategies such as drinking water and having coffee are discussed to make fasting easier. The article also looks at the 16:8 fast and providing good nutrition.


  • Chris Hemsworth is trying out a new method to explore ways for humans to live longer by fasting for four days with only water as sustenance
  • Studies have shown that fasting can help people live longer
  • Fasting is a part of many cultures and religions and has been shown to enhance mental clarity and physical health
  • There are different types of fasting, such as intermittent fasting or eating only 500 calories for two days
  • Five tips to make fasting easier are: drink lots of water, stay busy, eat high volume foods, get some rest, and try black coffee


Now we all heard the man Chris Hemsworth, the man who played Thor, the God of Thunder. Chris has a new series coming out called Limitless in which he explores ways for humans to live longer. And one way that Chris decided to understand how people can live longer is the fast for four days you heard it, no food, only water and having it as your only sustenance.

In today’s video, I’m going to unpack Chris Hemsworth’s idea about fasting for a long time to see if it actually lead you to have a longer life. And at the very end of the video and give you my recommendations on how I would recommend to go about to doing a fast. Guys, let’s talk about truth. How do y’all, Dr. Islam here,

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We can get great tips going to your inbox every single week. Now one of the things that Chris talks about in this video and he reacts to is how actually fasting has been shown in multiple studies to actually help people live longer. And in fact, he talks about the most important thing he can put in his body is actually nothing. The idea of fasting comes from actually starving your body from glucose,

which is the sugary substance to give your damaged cells life to do more damage and cause more inflammation going on inside your body. And so when you’re fasting, you’re actually limiting your body from getting that glucose so it doesn’t have that propensity to feed the organs or feed the cells it shouldn’t feed. But not only that, when flute is plentiful, your body stores fat under the skin and inside organs.

This is one of the reasons why you have what’s called fatty liver disease. That fat accumulates and goes into internal organs like your liver. When food is scarce, the fat goes to liver and actually turns into what are called ketones. And ketones provides an emergency power for your body and your brain to function. And this is actually what we think could be helping to reverse the aging process.

So what exactly does the science say? The science does suggest that the less amount of calories that you eat the longer you tend to live. We’ve seen this in animal studies and we’re seeing this in other cities as well. And what we have found is Clark restriction actually can be helpful to a certain degree. Now, certainly starving yourself where you’re actually just emaciated is not a good thing.

You don’t wanna be starving yourself to the point where you don’t have any nutrition, you don’t have any, any anything working. You don’t feel good. But having a restricted diet has been shown in multiple studies to be healthier for you and also to allow you to live longer. It’s crazy how much fasting is part of a longer life. In fact, fasting is incorporated in many facets of spiritual longevity as well.

We’ve seen fasting in multiple cultures and multiple religions to help enhance the mental clarity that it goes on, but also to enhance what could be going on physically inside as well. And we have a lot of evidence for this because as you’re minimizing the food coming in and minimizing the chloric intake that causes your body to actually adapt more effectively to the energy that’s left in there and that adaptation over time can also allow you to repair cells and repair the damage that may be going on inside your body.

Now I’m a huge fan of fasting. In fact, I have done intermittent fasting for a long time. Now. For me, I could not do four days of not eating. That’s for me, it’s not like a terrible idea. But incorporating some sort of fast into your life is gonna give you a lot of effective and beneficial health byproducts. Now,

there are a lot of ways to do fasting, whether it’s intermittent fasting or fasting for a couple days. Basically the whole goal is to restrict the number of calories you are incorporating into your diet. So you’re actually not eating as much as you normally need. I do what’s called intermittent fasting, or you fast for 16 hours and then you eat for those eight hours.

So in essence, I’m just skipping breakfast. But with that and also with the addition of sleep, that gives me an 18 hour fast or I’m not eating anything except for liquids. And during those eight hours is when to eat. Now there are other ways you can do fasting, but maybe for Chris Hemsworth there are a couple days where you don’t have anything to eat or you’re having only water or you can do a 24 hour fast maybe twice a week or for two days.

You don’t eat as you normally do, you just fasting and those other five days having your normal amount of food. Either way you’re restricting the number of calories going into your body and that in turn will give you the health benefits of having that fast be part of your life. Now there are a lot of different ways that you can fast, but three main ways you may have heard about.

Number one is the 16 eight fast, which is what I just talked about. Fast for 16 hours, eight for only eight, basically you’re skipping either breakfast or dinner. The next type of fast is the eat stop, eat type fast. This is similar to what Chris Hemsworth did. This is what you fast for 24 hours eat and then fast again for 24 hours.

Now Chris Hemsworth did this for a couple of days straight. You don’t have to do it like that, but sometimes have that 24 hour fast can reset your body and reset your metabolism as well. Then you have the five two method where for two days you’re only consuming about 500 calories, really restricting your diet. And the other five days you’re having a normal caloric intake.

Usually people wanna do this on the weekends so they’re not binging or overeating on the weekends, which we typically do. So fasting seems like something you want to try and I typically recommend this for my patients, especially those who have GI issues. What can you do to make it easier for you? Here are five things that I recommend to make it easier to fat.

Number one, drink lots of water. Saying hydrated is key. You’re gonna be tired, fatigued, you’re gonna feel hungry. Having that water will make you feel less hungry, keep you fuller and prevent you from picking out whenever you are opening up your home. Number two is say, busy and productive. This is why I typically fast during the weekday cuz for me on the weekends I’m not doing a lot,

I’m not productive and all I think about is food. During the weekday when I’m doing work and with family, I’m doing YouTube videos just like this. I’m productive, I’m busy, my mind is outside of the fasting realm and I can just not have to worry about that. Then all of a sudden I’m like, all right, my fast is done.

Less eat. Remember three when you’re breaking your fast or starting your fast. Have high volume foods. Food’s at a lot of fiber substance. Maybe they have a high water content like melons, apples, food that has a lot of water and also a lot of fiber on top of that. Number four, get some rest. During the periods of fasting,

you may not want to exert as much energy. So when I do my fasting, I actually work out super early in the morning cuz that’s when I have the most energy. I know throughout the day I’m gonna be tired and so I don’t want to exert as much physical energy during that time. And number five, try to have black coffee throughout the day.

Black coffee, especially caffeinated coffee is low calorie, but that caffeine acts as a appetite suppressant. So if you’re hoping to minimize the hunger pains when it comes to having the fast, try, introducing coffee into your diet, here’s my call to action to you. If you wanna try fasting. Number one, speak to your doctor and make sure it’s safe for you.

But also number two, try to incorporate some of these tips that I recommend. I recommend doing the 16 eight fast. I found this easy. Start up low, see how you feel. See if you get the benefits that I have had and my patients have had when it comes to doing an intermittent fast. Wanna thank you for watching. If you haven’t already,

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