Hey MrBeast! Do This to Help Your Crohn’s Disease!

Mr. Beast suffers from Crohn’s Disease, which affects 3 million people in the US. Dr. Islam gives tips on managing the symptoms, such as a strict diet and avoiding certain trigger foods. Treatment includes medications and elimination diets, while exercise is recommended to reduce inflammation. Joining the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation is a recommended way to access research, support, and tips. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Crohn’s disease, only management.


  • Mr. Beast, one of the most successful content creators out there, revealed on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he suffers from Crohn’s disease.
  • Crohn’s is a debilitating condition affecting over 3 million people in the US alone and can manifest differently for each individual; symptoms include pain, diarrhea, weight loss and fatigue.
  • The cause of this autoimmune disorder is unknown but diet plays an important role in managing it – certain foods may exacerbate inflammation while others help to keep it at bay.
  • Medication such as Remicade can be used to suppress the immune system which helps reduce flare ups; however surgery may sometimes be required if other treatments are unsuccessful or not feasible


One of the most successful content creators out there. I’m sure someone you know, Mr. Beast. He’s got millions and millions and millions of subscribers to his YouTube channel, including yours, truly. Now, if you have been subscribed already, Mr. Beast makes a ton of crazy videos, great giveaways, and he is someone who I love to watch cause he’s so entertaining.

Which brings me to the reason why I’m making today’s video. Now, Mr. Bees was on the Joe Brogan podcast and recently revealed how he suffered from Crohn’s disease and that has made it difficult for his life and his creative endeavors. Now, Mr. Bees, along with over 3 million people in the United States, suffer from this very debilitating condition. And I wanna help those suffer from Crohn’s disease to give the best hips that I recommend to help manage and minimize their symptoms.

And Mr. Beast, I wanna help you to help manage your Crohn’s so we can hopefully get it taken care of so it doesn’t control your everyone. Dr. Islam here, a k a, your poop guru. Try to give you the best tips and trick so you can live your best life from the top all the way down to the bottom.

Have already, don’t forget to smash down, like button live sharing, subscribe. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to my newsletter. We get great tips, an trick come into your inbox and to your notifications every single week. I’m just grateful. It was like at a young age it was something like this that has infinite upside and you can just,

I can just obsess and I can obsess forever. You know, before YouTube, was there another thing that you concentrated on with that kind of hyper focus? I mean, a little bit of baseball, I, I got Crohn’s when I was 15, so I, like, I played baseball nonstop. So getting Crohn’s at that age, you know, in the teenage years is very common.

But also it can be extremely traumatic. You know, during that time we’re going through normal hormonal changes. We’re growing, we’re just, you know, we’re different people. And then on top of that, you add these symptoms and Crohn’s, which typically can be pain, diarrhea, weight loss, fever, just not feeling good, not wanting to get out, not growing enough. And unfortunately it can take some time for doctors to really pinpoint what exactly is going on. Is it just ibs? Is it an inflammatory condition? Is it just their body changing or is it an autoimmune disease like Crohn’s disease? And so I’ve had a lot of patients who get diagnosed when they’re young but can really affect just who they become because this disease can sometimes for some individuals just encompass some holy And then when I got Crohn’s, I lost like 50 pounds. I’m like, fuck that. You got Crohn’s. Crohn’s disease, right? But Crohn’s is something that’s a genetic disease, right? Yeah. So you just manifest itself and started to emerge. Yeah. You’re not born with it or are you not you. Yeah. Most people get it like when they’re around 15 to 20.

So let’s talk about this. So it’s a very good question. So what is the cause for Crohn’s disease? So I’ll tell you, we don’t really know. We know it’s a combination between genetics. We know there is a predisposition for people to have Crohn’s disease. We know that environment may be playing a role. We know that food could be playing a role.

We know that an infection could be triggering an immune response. It could be all the above, but we don’t really know. And for some individuals, Crohn’s can manifest much later in life or sometimes it can present early in life. It’s hard to predict who and when people are gonna get Crohn’s disease. But overall, we don’t have a true reason why some individuals get Crohn’s disease.

So you’re, you’re born with the genetics thing but I guess it doesn’t actually, the inflammation doesn’t occur till that age. Yeah. And so I lost like 40 pounds cause I was going to the bathroom like 10 times a day. And so I was a little obsessed with baseball. I like literally was playing like two or three hours a day. There was a period like where I, actually, I kind of like quit YouTube when I was like 13, 14 like so I could just really focus on baseball. But then once I got that, which was probably a blessing, I was like, fuck it, I don’t care anymore. And I just went all in on YouTube. So this Crohn’s, does this make you, do you have to seriously regular regulate your diet?

Yes, very regulated diet. I, I have very words. It’s like I run outta energy very easily. Like cuz that doesn’t make sense. So good question about diet. So we do know that diet does play a role in making Crohn’s disease better and worse. Now there’s two different approaches to take when it comes to diet. So number one is that we have to get the active inflammation under control.

And so for sure dietary therapy does not typically help out in most cases for that. Usually especially in adults who wanna give medical therapy to put the force fire and get that under control. Do you want to calm down that fire? Once we’ve done that, we have good studies to suggest that diet can play a role in keeping that fire at bay. And there are a lot of studies that are out there, whether it’s an elemental diet, whether it’s a vegan diet or a vegetarian type diet. We do know that certain foods has a predisposition to make it more inflamed inside your gut, especially meat. And for some individuals who have Crohn’s disease, you have to be on a strict diet to help manage some of those symptoms that can occur if you are not on a good diet.

Now unfortunately energy can be a really significant problem when you have active Crohn’s. It’s a very common symptom of Crohn’s as well, of being low energy and not having the, the capacity to do the work that you used to do because it’s so much energy that Crohn’s takes on your Body. Well you have so much energy. I don’t, I’m probably one of the least energetic people you ever meet, but you do so much. How’s it possible you have no energy? I don’t know. But cuz my immune system attacks itself so it’s very draining. Right, Very true. Very true. Easily. I take a lot of naps and stuff like that. I have a buddy of mine in Ohio that has it and he can’t eat bread, he can’t eat like I can’t eat like a fuck lot of stuff.

So you can’t have one of your own burgers? No actually that’s fine. It doesn’t flare me up. Even, even when I eat burgers I usually take off the buns and just eat meat. I don’t, I don’t really like bread that much anyways. But no, that, that’s fine. And the chocolate bar actually, actually is, is good on my stomach too so I, I’m pretty happy with that as well. So what is it that really fucks with you a weirdly enough corn. So it’s interesting that corn can cause him a flare. Everyone can manifest differently when it comes to symptoms or making their symptoms worse. So for some individuals corn because it’s not digestible, can go straight through you and cause diarrhea. So for Mr Beast, obviously that may be the case. It’s not a universal dietary recommendation for everyone who has Crohn’s disease. Yeah, corn, anything spicy, anything like overly, overly processed. Well that makes sense for any anyone. Anybody who has overly processed foods or spicy foods or especially too much that’s gonna jack up your gut. Especially those they already have a gut that may be predisposed to have other conditions.

Exactly. Is Crohn’s like what, what is the immune system doing? I’m gonna be honest, I never fully understood it. It’s something about my intestines where like the lining of it, like the immune system attacks it. So my intestines are super inflamed and so if it’s not in remission I basically just can’t digest food cuz it just like it’s so inflamed foo food just passes through and you’re just like, So that is actually a great explanation of what happened. So there’s some triggering event going on inside your body and that triggering event actually causes your immune to attack the GI tract. It thinks it is a foreign entity so it tax it attacks it attacks it and that attack on your gut causes inflammation, ulcers, irritation. And that can manifest as bad diarrhea, pain, weight loss, fatigue, anemia, just not feeling good. And like I said before, we don’t have a true explanation why people have Crohn’s disease but we do know that there’s some autoimmune response going on inside that body It out. Oh wow. Yeah, so it’s like brutal. Which is why when I first got it I lost like 40 pounds in like a really quick times span.

It’s often with ulcerative colitis too. Yeah. Friend of mine has it, ulcerative colitis is a a little bit more extreme version of Crohn’s. So thankfully I got a little bit of the doll down version but So I actually, there are two separate conditions. Ulcerative colitis is different from Crohn’s disease. They’re both in the spectrum of inflammatory bowel disease or I B d ulcerative colitis typically is inflammation that only attacks the colon and so that will usually manifest as bloody diarrhea.

Whereas Crohn’s disease is when your body attacks anywhere in the GI tract, the colon, the small intestine, the stomach, the mouth though the small intestine ends up being the most common location. And unfortunately for most individuals, Crohn’s disease can be a little bit more difficult to treat or to keep at bay as opposed to ulcerative colitis. But they’re typically not together.

Yeah, like sometimes o flare up and then I’m just like, I’m dead. I just, I just lay in bed all day and I can’t really do anything. Is there any medication that you can take that improves it? Yeah, so I’m on what’s called Remicade and so every eight weeks they just do an IV with a huge bag which essentially suppresses my immune system.

So that’s why I get sick very easily because the answer to my immune system attacking itself is just to fucking nuke my immune system. Oh Jesus Christ. So Remicade is considered an anti TNF or a biologic and this is one of the various medications that we have to help treat Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. We have a lot of medications that are out there to help control this disease.

Whether it is immune suppressive medications or even other options that are out there. It Blows my mind that there’s no cure cuz I, I think like you can probably Google it. I, millions of people in America I’m pretty sure have it. Yeah. So it’s like, it’s pretty fucked up. It’s annoying. So I, I don’t understand why there’s not a better way to treat it, But so you’re right, there is no cure that we have for Crohn’s disease. That’s an unfortunate thing. I wish we had a way to cure this. I do think we’re getting closer to a cure, but unfortunately he’s exactly right. Mr. Be is exactly right. We don’t have a cure for Crohn’s disease. That’s Right. If you tried an elimination diet.

Yes, exactly. So I, I don’t know why I’m drawing like, I mean there’s a lot of things that that aggravate it. It’s like, like chips, cookies or things Chip, you have corn. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Probably an allergy, maybe even to corn. Yeah. So like I’ve done it, I, I know what to eat now where it’s not like my diet isn’t causing it, but for whatever reason sometimes it just flares up. Yeah, That happens sometimes. Sometimes it just flare up. You know, you just, sometimes we just don’t have an idea on why people flare. It just happens. He’s, I’ve talked to my friend about this. He got round around the same age as you. His name is also Jimmy, let’s go.

He though went the other way. He has had multiple inches of his colon removed. Yeah. Does he have the the bag on his side? He did for a while, but he’s pretty healthy now. I mean that’s my is that they remove it, you then have to get a, you know, the, the bag and then you shit in the bag.

Yeah, that’s true. You know, and that does happen for some individuals. You know, sometimes surgical options are what we have for individuals and that may be the best option for them in most cases. I will tell you, we can at least do reversal of the bag or at least have that discussion with your surgeons. So I wouldn’t say the bag is the end all be all by by Far.

No. An older guy who has one of those. I, that’s my worst fear is that That’s fucking gross. It’s gross and it’s scary. Yeah. But I know people who have gotten it and they’re just like, they’re like the way they went from being tired and miserable and all that and then they get that surgery and they feel like a normal human.

It completely changed their life. Yeah, exactly right bag. But at least now they’re happy. Absolutely. Yeah, it’s True. Like six and one half a dozen. The other like, what, what’s better? I’d, I’d rather have shit in a bag than be happy. Well I know guess I think about a lot because I could just have the part, I have the Crohn’s removed and then I’d be fine too. So that’s not true. Mr. Be is wrong, unfortunately. So when you look at the clinical data, when we removed that part of the colon that has Crohn’s, that’s good, but there is a 80% chance without treatment that the Crohn’s will come back around the area where you did surgery.

So despite that, if you have Crohn’s, you’re still going to need therapy to keep the Crohn’s at bay for the rest of your life. So you’re not cured from Crohn’s disease. You can’t be cured from ulcerative colitis if you remove the colon but not from Crohn’s Disease. Hit that. And then down the road they came up with some sort of a solution.

I know because I was wondering if like stem cells or something along those lines. I remember cause I Talked to ’em along time. We don’t have any evidence of that Up. I’ve seen when CBD was getting big, there was some talks that it could help people, but I just checked and there was a study that said there wasn’t anything Correct. There’s no Study.

Nothing on that. Just on dvd. Part cd. Yeah. Yeah. Anything that reduces inflammation. Not that I know. Does exercise help? It does nothing help it Exercise does help. Just immune system attacks itself is all I know. Wow. Yeah. Nothing’s ever really, it’s like, it just feels so random. It’s weird. Cause I, know people who’ve had it like time before, they like the, the literal only answer that they could have was just to get that part of their body cut out, which is just unfathomable. So here’s my advice to Mr. Bea. Anyone else who suffer controls. Number one, make sure you find a good GI doctor who treats this condition on a regular basis.

We have new medications coming out that are effective, they work and they can decrease your risk for needing surgery. Number two, dietary options do play a role, but it’s not a cure. We don’t have a cure for Crohn’s disease. What I do recommend is for us to get patients on medical therapy first, control the inflammation, start to implement dietary changes, which will help out. And then maybe we can back up some of the medications to hopeful it gets you on a more national basis. Number three, surgery can’t be an option for individuals who have Crohn’s. If you’re suffering so much from Crohn’s disease, removing that part of the colon can help out for sure. But keep in mind it doesn’t cure you from Crohn’s.

You still need to be on medical business. And then lastly, I would sign up for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation is a fantastic organization that helps give research, help out with supports, and also help physicians and patients tell, manage your Crohn’s disease, find a support system so you don’t have to suffer from this debilitating condition. Here’s my call to action for you.

If you still struggle for Crohn’s disease, follow my tips on what I recommend to help manage your disease. And I wanna thank you for watching. Don’t forget to smash sound like button like Sharon, subscribe. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Right? You can get great tips and tricks coming to your inbox every single week.

I wanna thank you for watching. Don’t forget, let’s talk about poop. Thanks everyone.