Most Watched TED Talk on Leadership That Will Inspire You to Lead Well

Leadership is a process that involves developing one’s leadership abilities, committing to values, and communicating and listening effectively with those being led in order to inspire and motivate others. It requires not only personal investment in development, but also an understanding of how to effectively convey a message that resonates with followers.


  • Leadership is not about having authority over someone, but inspiring followers from their trenches and providing a vision with values.
  • To become a better leader, one must invest in the development of leadership through courses, seminars and books.
  • Effective communication is key to becoming an effective leader; this includes both talking and listening.
  • Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” provides insight into why people follow leaders who inspire them with their values-driven approach to leadership.


Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about these TED Talks. They’re fascinating, thought-provoking videos from thought leaders, leaders everywhere, but various different topics. They’re about 20 minutes long. They provide a good way for you to max up your learning and your education. And I’m all about learning and trying to be the best that I can.

So I thought, let me look on the top TED Talks when it comes to leadership. Yes, yours truly wants to be an awesome leader in life, in family, and in my work. And one of the most popular TED Talks on leadership is by Simon Sinek. And the title of his TED Talk was How Great Leaders Inspire Action. That got me with the title right there.

And there is a reason why this TED Talk is so popular because we all want to believe in the why of what we’re doing. Why are we doing this? Why are we trying to implement this? What is our mission? And is that why helps inspire others to come along and to build up that thing you want to be built? And we are quick to follow a leader that inspires us,

that gives us that why. This TA talk gave me incredible insight into why someone would follow another person and see them as a leader. Here are some things that I came up with when it comes to leadership and watched this TED Talk. Number one, leadership is not about authority. Leadership is about inspiration and having commitment to values. I don’t respond to authority very well.

I can almost guarantee you no one else says either. What would I do respond to are values, commitment, understanding why someone wants to do something and the values that they help to inspire. It is a value driven leadership. Not one brought on authority, not one brought down on me, but one that’s inspired by values that I share that I want to hopefully proceed and produce to build up that vision of that leader.

Number two, to become a better leader, you really have to invest in the development of leadership. This is why I’m a huge fanatic about taking all sorts of courses to help to develop who I am and develop my leadership. I’ve invested in myself and myself in coaching, leadership, courses, seminars, books. Hey man, if it’s something on leadership or two,

make me a better person. I will put the money down and put the commitment. I have thousands of books on this because I am more than happy to spend the money on a book so I can obtain the knowledge to make me into a better leader and to help me in my development. And I feel the same way for the people who are under me as well.

Cuz the more I can bring them up, the more I can help out to produce that vision of what I want. Am I doing that? I always seek back feedback on what I can do better. What can I improve? What weaknesses do I have? What things can I change? How can I make things easier and better for you? I crave that feedback and I want to stress to my staff and to people who are with me that they should get this feedback as well.

Now, Simon and his TED Talk uses Martin Luther King as a great inspiration for the type of leader who we want to be. And we all know this, but one of the things that Dr. King had is that he had skilled communication. And that is critical. You can be all inspirational, you can have a great vision, but if you can’t explain that vision,

communicate that vision, you’re not gonna go anywhere. And so this is actually one of the reasons why I love doing YouTube videos. This allows me to express myself, to use my words, my diction, try to help me become a better speaker. And I know that using this communication skill, I can translate this to my practice, to my patients,

to my colleagues, and to my work and family. If you don’t communicate well, there’s no way you can get your message across. But keep in mind, communication is not just talking, it’s also doing effective listening. In fact, the best leaders I have found are not those that talk all the time, but those that listen, understand and can really hear what other people are telling them.

So here’s what it comes down to when it comes to leadership and watching this talk. Leadership is not about having authority over someone. It’s one that inspires their followers from their trenches, gives them a vision, gives them values, is able to listen and communicate effectively. If you can do this, you are going to be a leader and you can implement the vision of what you want at home and life and in business.