Is Logan Paul’s PRIME Sports Drink a Better Option?

Logan Paul’s Prime Water is a beverage containing a mix of filtered water, coconut water, citric acid, di potassium phosphate, try magnesium citrate and SLO, which are marketed to provide health benefits. However, consumers should be aware that the ingredients may cause side effects with usage, and that it is not the best energy drink choice for athletes because it lacks certain electrolyte and vitamin components. Prime can be a good substitute for sugary drinks such as Coke and Gatorade to consume on a daily basis, yet it is not expected to provide miraculous health or performance benefits.


  • Logan Paul’s Prime Water has many ingredients, including filtered water, coconut water, citric acid, slo, electrolytes and amino acids.
  • Prime Water does not have a lot of sugar compared to Gatorade or Powerade but some ingredients may be questionable for certain individuals.
  • Prime Water is not designed to give the same energy benefit as Gatorade or Powerade and should not be used in place of hydration during physical activity.
  • For daily use, there is no evidence that Prime provides any health benefits beyond hydration.


Logan Paul. He has many titles, YouTuber Artists, boxer Wrestler, influencer and Water Connoisseur. I don’t know, but Logan Paul has his product out there called Prime. You may have seen commercials on social media. Well, he compares this to Gatorade. He says it’s the best thing known to man, to replenish, whatever’s going on, whatever needs that you have.

Well, in today’s video, I’m going to do a deep dive into Logan Paul’s Prime. Is it really healthy for you? Is this a replacement for Gatorade? Should you consider using this as your main water supplement? In today’s video, you get a real doctor’s review on Logan Paul’s product. Prime Guys, let’s talk about food. How do y’all, Dr. Islam here, AKA your food guru, trying to give you the best tips and tricks so you can live your best life from the top all the way down to the bottom. Having ready, if we get to smash that mic button, like Sharon describing, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and newsletter when you can get great tips and tricks like you’re learning in today’s video.

So let’s break down Logan Paul’s Prime Water and see exactly kinda what is going on here. Does this make a lot of health sense? Is this something that I would recommend to my patients? So one of the things that I’ve noticed that Prime is doing, or Logan Paul is doing is that he’s really trying to use this as a comparison to both Gatorade and Powerade.

Now, obviously, you know, Gatorade and Powerade are giants when it comes to these sports to train cattery. They’re the the the default big guys, and they fit a specific niche in the cultural context of America. And Logan Paul, to his credit, is going for the big guys to see if you can bring them down and see exactly if maybe his product maybe as comparable to what Gatorade and power to talking about.

Let’s review the ingredients in detail to see exactly what Prime is getting at. So when you look at the ingredients for Prime, and there’s just a whole bunch of ingredients that are in there, like filtered water, coconut water, citric acid, di potassium phosphate, try magnesium citrate, the list goes on and on and on. It’s just a whole bunch of ingredients that are within prime that give it its health benefits to make someone feel like they’re getting their money’s worth, basically. So let’s go through it. Filter water prime’s first ingredient. Okay, filter water, obviously just water that’s gone through a filter. Nothing really revolutionary about that. Most of the water that’s out there does go through a very similar process before it goes into a bottle package. Not a big deal. The idea is that once you filter the water, you’re able to eliminate all the toxins, everything else that’s in there, and it comes out as a pretty pure water. It’s the exact same thing you can get from Filicia water or purifier water on its own. Second ingredient, coconut water. This is where prime gets a lot of, maybe it’s potassium from, because coconut is a very common potassium supplement.

This is also naturally rich in other electrolytes, things like sodium, magnesium, and calcium. The problem with coconut waters is also loaded with sugar and flavor and tastiness. This is why coconut water is so good whenever you have it, because of the sugar content within coconut water. Now, to its credit, prime does not really have a lot of sugar in there, at least added sugar, but that coconut water in and of itself does add a sugary component to the drink. Now, let’s go to some of the more questionable ingredients that are out there. Citrus acid, primes third ingredient, and astic helps out with the acidity of the content, and in some cases it can help out with the absorption of certain electrolytes.

One thing to know about citric acid is that it is actually manufactured from a fungus. Now, in some studies, in a very small subset of patients, citric acid has been shown to cause overall body inflammation in somebody. Now, I’m not saying this is specific to prime, but you should be aware of some of the ingredients that are in various products, including prime to cause that reaction to occur. Prime also has slo, which is a natural artificial sweetener. So things like Splenda have SLO in it as well. This gives something the natural sweetness without the added calories that so may have from another soft drink. Now, there are some studies not great that show that artificial sweeteners can impair with insulin absorption, and there are plenty of patients that have bloating in gas from having these artificial sweeteners.

So if you have a condition like irritable bowel syndrome or ibs, or if you automatically suffer from gas, this may not be the best ingredient to have as it can make that gas a lot worse. Another ingredient is a sulfide potassium, and this is another artificial sweetener that’s been shown in some clinical trials to really change your gut microbiome. Now, the important thing about these studies is that sometimes we can miss the force for the trees, and even though you can have a change in your gut microbiome, the long-term consequence of that, we don’t quite know. We do know that in some studies it can make it more likely for you to have a condition called c diff. And we do know for plenty of patients, it can cause you to have more bloating distension, because for some individuals, they cannot absorb the particular artificial sweeteners. So if you suffer from IVs, bloating or distension, this may not be a product you want to incorporate into your diet. Diet, potassium phosphate, all right, I don’t know what this is, but apparently this helps to regulate the pH of the drink in your body and whatnot. I’ll tell you, there’s nothing in the world that you need to help regulate the acidity of your body.

Do you know what regulates the acidity of your body? Your freaking body does. If you have normal kidneys and you just eat normally, you don’t need something to help change the pH of your body, that makes no sense whatsoever. Try magnesium. Another ingredient within Prime. Now, magnesium has been shown to help out with muscle function with anxiety to make people less anxious and help out with sleep as well.

Now, this may be beneficial, another electrolyte, but let’s talk about this. Do you really need this or not? We’ll go into this in more detail in just a few minutes. Prime does include three amino acids, L isoleucine, L leucine, L valine, and we know that amino acids are a builtin block to help make, you know, bigger muscles and to help out with muscle growth.

We don’t have a lot of great evidence that having exogenous amino acids may help out more than doing what you normally should do. It’s kind of the evidence that’s kind of mixed on there. So adding this to a sports drink, I’m not sure it’s gonna be the best thing for you. Now, there are certainly other ingredients within prime, things like vitamin six, vitamin A, zinc, b12, whole bunch of other ingredients in that bottle. But the whole bottle itself with everything that’s in there only has about 20 calories, which is pretty good for somebody who if you want to compare this to Gatorade or Powerade, may not be as much. So let’s actually do this comparison here because Prime is trying to position itself as an alternative, maybe healthier version than Powerade and Gatorade. And in no way am I saying that Powerade and Gatorade with all these sugary drinks are healthy for you. But here’s what we need to know. When it comes to taking drinks like Powerade and Gatorade, there’s a use specifically for athletic events. It has these sugars, it has the carbohydrates. It has the calories to give you the energy that you need when you’re working out, when you’re in football, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, whatever, heavy lifting, it gives you the necessary energy and the calories and the sugar you need to keep on going and keeping on with your progress in that particular game. This is why you have a lot of calories in Gatorade empowered for that specific reason. And this is why you have that sugar in the Gatorade empowered as well.

So you can convert that to energy so you can finish off your match and not have to worry about losing energy. Prime as a comparison to that, doesn’t have the, it doesn’t have the carbohydrates, it doesn’t have the actual calories. And to compare this to a drink that’s in a complete different category makes no sense whatsoever. It really is not a comparison because it doesn’t have the necessary ingredients that you need to allow you to maintain your physical activity.

Now, one of the other claims when it comes to primes that has all these electrolytes that are necessary, maybe you’re deficient, I don’t know. But if you have a normal, regular diet that’s plentiful, has a lot of variety and bountiful, and you exercise at a routine basis, you actually should not be electrolyte deficient. It is extremely rare unless you have an autoimmune disease or some other disease that’s diagnosed by a medical doctor to be deficient.

It’s certain electrolytes and vitamins. In fact, when you have these extra electrolytes or vitamins in your body, guess what your body does to them? It pees it out and it poops it out. So the benefit about having these electrolytes, really it’s all here. It’s all in your head. So these potential benefits of these electrolytes really are not there. Now listen, if you want to have Prime as an everyday drink, you like the way it tastes, you wanna take this instead of Coke, absolutely do this instead of soft drinks or says something that may not be as good. Or if you have Gatorade on a daily basis and you don’t work out or you don’t do it during a sporting event, absolutely go ahead and do Prime.

But if you’re trying to compare this to a drink that is specifically made for athletes, for sporting events to get you the energy that you need, prime is not the way to go. And if you’re trying to drink this on a daily basis to help improve your electrolytes or to make you a healthier person, there is no evidence that you need to do that to make yourself healthy.

You wanna drink and go ahead, but don’t expect to get some sort of miracle health benefit from having Prime. Hey, I wanna thank you for watching. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to smash that live button, like share and subscribe. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and newsletter where you can get great tips and tricks like you’re learning in today’s video.

Now. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget, I’ll talk about poop. Thanks everyone.